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We sort of opened our doors in 2015, though they were the doors to our old Mazda. You see, Sugar & Bean started out as Ella Cakes & Coffee, first at the Bridgewater Farmer's Market, and soon thereafter up the road at the farmer's market in Harrisonburg. The idea of having espresso drinks at a farmer's market seemed like a good one, and having a choice of sweet and savory treats to go with your espresso was a given. 


A lot of things changed in those early days: We learned the value of industrial espresso machines; Our menu expanded quickly, including the addition of smoothies - a healthy crowd favorite; We traded the Mazda for a Volkswagen and a trailer; We changed our name because everyone thought the owner was Ella (who is actually our already-enterprising-enough daughter); And we traded the Volkswagen and trailer for a bigger Volkswagen and bigger trailer. Finally, at the urging of friends and inspiration, we opened some actual building doors in Bridgewater, the home and roots of this origin story, in our beloved Shenandoah Valley.

We miss the Mazda and tiny espresso machine, but we're thrilled about

Sugar & Bean Cafe. We're still at the farmer's market serving excellent espresso drinks, savories, sweets, and smoothies. And at the Cafe, we've added a full breakfast and lunch menu with healthy, homemade sandwiches, soups and salads.


So stop in at the market in Harrisonburg, or our Cafe in Bridgewater. We're sure that you'll find something you like!


- The Sugar & Bean Team

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